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From Dream To Film Maker In 3 Months

3 Day –  Videomaker’s 101 Course

Learn to Shoot & Edit Professional Video on a Shoestring using your Smart Phone Camera or handycam.

Course open to everyone and anyone.

  • You will learn to make 3 Minute or longer Video Clips
  • Professionally like you see on TV
  • At next to no cost. 
  • Using your iPhone / Android Smart Phone or Video Camera. 
  • You learn an incredible amount in 3 short days.
  • Including how to shoot and how to edit.
  • You actually shoot and edit your own video on the course
  • Prices and How to Book on this link

Course Dates: 19th,  20th,  21st  January

Course Location: Parramatta, Sydney NSW

The Challenge

  • Have you ever found that you are frustrated with the videos you shoot on your mobile phone?
  • Do you wish that you could make videos like you see on TV?
  • Have you wished that you could make very cool holiday videos when you are overseas?
  • Would you like make videos that look and sound amazing.

Invest 3 Days in December and learn quickly how to make your videos  sound and look amazing.

Who should enrol? 

  • Everyone and Anyone who is not currently happy with the quality of their videos or video clips.
  • Beginners who want to make great looking videos.
  • The Individual who wants to make their own Travel Video for their trips. 
  • The Individual  who wants to create great videos for their website. 
  • The Vlogger  who wants to make videos for their Blog Website. 
  • Doco filmmakers.
  • Businesses who want to make their own  promotional/ training videos.
  • The family person who wants to shoot memorable family and holiday videos for the family album

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What you get: 

  1. Training in how to make your own videos professionally.
  2. Shoot and Edit a Video live on the course – All you need is your iPhone or Smart Phone minimum.
  3. Learn how to edit with Adobe Premier Pro during the weekend. We will take you step by step and show you how to edit and how to keep editing after the weekend
  4. Learn the sites where you can get your videos monetised.
  5. Learn how to promote your video online.
  6. Great fun three days.
  7. Meet  people who have similar interests

Special Note:   You only need an iPhone or handycam for this Courses. DSLRs or cameras with shallow focus prime lenses are best kept for making movies. We advise against using them for videomaking.  When you learn the techniques on the course and know what you are doing, you will be amazed at the quality you can get with in-focus shots.

Who Presents?    Colm O’Murchu

Colm O’Murchu is an experienced filmmaker who has taught filmmaking for 20 years at Sydney Film Base. He has recently started shooting family and travel videos using only his iPhone and the extra equipment seen in the photo.

Please see picture with iPhone Camera. He is currently in postproduction on his upcoming movie Tabernacle 101 due for Worldwide release in 2018. He is an expert Editor, Cinematographer and Director and teacher. His expertise is simplyfying the process of making a movie or as in the case of this course, an effective video production at next to no cost.

Please see more details on Colm O’Murchu here

Location of the Course:  Sydney Crows Nest

We will be near Sydney CBD with an abundance of good hotels if you are from out of town.
Please go here for one of the Best Websites  for booking hotels.

Also Air B&B is excellent for booking great value accomodation. 


What do I need to Bring

  • Mobile Phone Camera with at least 5 – 10 GB space for Video
  • One handle as in the page.  Buy Here.  This is essential item for shooting on mobile phones.
  • We will outline the correct extra Camera Gear on the Course and where to buy. No need to buy in advance.
  • Laptop with at least 10 GB free
  • Editing software Adobe Premiere Pro:  You can get a FREE 30 day Trial version so it will cost you nothing unless you decide to proceed with  (Details later; Only get the software one week out from the 3 Day Course.)

Please fill in the form below to receive a $200 Discount

Price will be included in email sent immediately.

Content Times and Dates: 

Workshop Style as you make and complete a great looking video over the 3 days.

Day 1 Friday 15th December   10am –  6pm  –
Pre – Shoot Preparation and Training 

  • Today The Video Starts – Today you Prepare – Saturday you Shoot – Sunday you Edit and post.
  • The Mobile Phone Set-up. for shooting Accessories for the mobile Phone Demo.
  • Study of Different Styles of Videos throughout the day. The Instructor will show examples  of different types.
  • What makes a Professional Video look and sound so good. The Breakdown of what it takes and what you have to do on Saturday.
  • The shots – Just like in movies, you need to learn the language of Video. Coverage Drill
  • The 3 Point Drill
  • The all important Sound accessories.  How to get great Location Sound
  • The Saturday Shoot Preparation. -Instruction on Preparation
  • What you will shoot  The key elements to have prepared.
  • Type 1 Instructional Training.: or  Type 2 Travel Video – float around  or  Type 3 Video Story/Doco. or  Type 4 Sales Video: or Type 5 – Event

Special Note:   Lunch 12pm – 1pm  Afternoon Break – 3.30pm

Day Two Saturday 16th December  10 am – 6pm
The Shoot  Shoot your video today.

  • Sound Tutorial:  Teach Sound for the Videomaker’s. This is very important
  • Light Tutorial  When and how?
  • Today you will learn how to shoot your video.
  • 6pm – 7.30pm  Networking Mixer Social/Drinks. (Voluntary to attend)
  • Shooting your video – Final Training for the Shoot.
  • – 4pm  The shoot – You shoot your video and have lunch on the run. 3 – 4 hours
  •  Video length 2 minutes – 7 minutes
  • Learn about Adobe Premier Pro. How to start your project
  • Log and label your footage and get ready to edit Sunday.
  • Dinner/ Social 6pm – 9pm Saturday Night ( Extra cost for dinner and drinks)


Sunday 17th December     10am – 5.30pm
Edit and Post your video
Making it look and sound great with Music 

Post Production: Today you will learn to edit your film.

  • Adobe Premiere Pro – The Edit – Making your video
  • Follow our edit instructions and learn Adobe Premier Pro.
  • Titles
  • Cleaning up Sound
  • Stock Music – our favourite site and why. Legal Mucic makes such a difference.
  • Choosing Stock Music and how to
  • Exporting easily your final Video File for sharing online and offline.
  • 7 Sites that you can make money with your videos. We have seven sites to place your video and get paid. You tube obviously is one of them
  • Your videomaking goals for after the 3 Day Videomakers 101.
  • End with Screenings of successful Videos shot on the weekend.
  • 5pm  – 7pm  Final Mixer


The Result of the 4 Day Videomaker’s 101 Masterclass

  • You will have completed your own Video that will be 500 times better than if you tried to make it on your own without this 3 Day Course.
  • You will have learnt how to do it professionally.
  • You will have learnt how to monetise and share your video.
  • You will have met new people with a similar interest and made new friends.

Instruction Style:

We always believe that the best way to learn, is via simplified theory and then actually making your own video yourself. That is why we make sure you make a video on the course.

Some people will prefer to assist one of the other course participants in making their video and you can choose that option too.


Your Instructor

Experienced Filmmaker Colm O’Murchu will show you how to make your videos look professional. He has made professional films for twenty years now and has also been chief film instructor at Sydney Film Base.
He is currently in postproduction on his new movie Tabernacle 101 which will be on worldwide release in 2018

More on his website

Please fill in the form below to receive a $200 Discount

Price will be included in email sent immediately.




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