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From Dream To Film Maker In 3 Months

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The Sydney 4 Month Film School 

Thursday 10th October   – Thursday 30th January 2013    

Part-time Thursday Nights and all day on some Saturdays


Creating  Film Directors & Producers of Tomorrow:

Main Points:

  • Best Film Course for Beginners or Emerging Film Makers or anyone who wants to make films now
  • 4 Month Film School  Venue –   Screen Australia Studios, 101 Eton Road,Lindfield
  • Spread over Four  Months , the Film  School teaches you how to be a Professional Film Director and Film Maker by making and crewing on an actual film production. This way you learn how to make a film professionally
  • Part-time Saturdays all day and  on Thursday nights  6.30pm – 9.30pm
  •  You are on a real film set shooting your film professionally.
  • You will direct real actors on film set on location
  • You will get to learn about and do all of the Crew roles.  Camera , Sound Recording & Boom, Lighting, Continuity and more.
  • Hands on and Practical with professional Film equipment.
  • You also receive the Online Film School for free as part of the 4 Month Film School
  • Phone Contact –  1800 131166


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Phone our Office 1 800 131166


What you will Achieve and Learn on the 4 Month Film School 

      • 4 Month Film School Crew

        Work on an actual Film Set where you are part of the Crew

      • You Direct for part of the shoot and get to do all of the other crew positions on a rotating basis.
      • Learn how to produce and direct your own professional films
      • Film School Film Example “Repressed”  below which shows you the quality of our films.
      • How to develop your film story and format it.
      • How to write a winning script
      • How to cast your film with the best available actors in your city
      • How to work with real actors by actually doing so.
      • How to produce and organise your film.
      • How to operate the camera
      • How to record high quality location sound
      • How to do three point lighting
      • Know how a film is edited
      • How to go after film work in the film industry
      • How to develop your film career as a full-time money earner
      • Sound Postproduction Session where the sound and music is mixed by John Hresc (Channel 9)
      • Free Consultancy One on One with Film Producer  Colm O’Murchu
      • Film Directors Certificate
      • VOD Copy of the completed Film


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Phone our Office  1 800 131166


Please watch one of our Film Course Films –  Repressed 


 Imagine making your own professional film now

Shooting on Set

  • That gets seen over the world and in film festivals.
  • Rockets your career into film making and making a living from a job you love.

There is no better way to learn film making than enrolling on the 4 Month Film School. You can learn professional film making (after working hours) at a fraction of the cost of full time film school



Who should apply?

Our FIlm Set – Dealing with Destiny

  • Beginners who wants an exciting career.
  • Film Enthusiasts who want to learn about Film
  • Ambitious up and coming Film Directors & Producers
  • Emerging Film Makers
  • Actors who want to produce their own Films
  • Short Film Maker who want to now make Feature Films
  • Writers who want to produce their own Feature Film

Why are we different to other Film Schools and Film Courses?

  1. We teach Film Making the natural wayExplanation: What is the natural way?  Learning on the job. We teach you how to make a film by actually making a real film on the Four Month Film School
  2.  Our Film Schools are actual Film Productions and you learn how to make a film all the way from Development to Preproduction to The Shoot to Picture and Sound Post Production by  actually really doing it on a real film.  This is the natural way and you will learn faster quicker and more effectively this way
  3. You learn Film Making After Hours at Night time and on Saturdays. Why spend huge money on full time Film Institutions when you can learn after hours and on weekends for a fraction of the cost.
  4. We show you how to have maximum fun. Most of our past students comment on how much fun they have on our Film Productions. They often talk about the  bonds formed with other Film Students. See testimonials below
  5. Our Film Courses are only the start. We have backup after the Four Month Film School with our Indie Film  Club and as a result, multiple Film Productions mushroom after the Four Month Film School concludes.


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“To put it bluntly this course is an inspiration, I still can’t believe how much we got through. I’m still bouncing off the walls with excitement and have already lined up two collaborations with fellow students. Colm’s teaching makes dreams come true.”
– Probir Dutt, Rok Starr Films.

“The Four Month Film Directors Course was awesome. It was a wonderful experience to team with such a fantastic diverse group of people. The teacher  dynamic facilitation skills were motivating honourable and inclusive of all participants. The Shoot was fantastic and now I am making my own professional films ”
Helen Willmore

“If someone wants to learn film making , seriously this is for you. It covers mostly everything and I’m amazed how much I have learnt . Colm the teacher is a legend and he is full of energy.”
– Luke Carroll

Ashley Benett Graduated from  the Four Month Film School

Bromwyn Pedersen:  Attended both the One Day and the Four Month Film School

Jeremy Hill Attended both the One Day and the One Week Practical  Film school

If you would like to talk to us about the 4 Month Film School




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Three Month Film Course

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  • Film Directors Certificate on graduation
  • You will have a complete film.
  • Beginners & Intermediate Film Makers Welcome
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Film Makers Coaching/Consultations
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