Screen Acting Course
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From Dream To Film Maker In 3 Months

Learn How to Act for the Screen in Seven Weeks. Dominic McDonald Shows you How.
Monday Nights July 21st – September 1st 
  • Learn the tricks of the Screen Acting Trade from one of the very best teachers Dominic McDonald
  • Learn how to analyse a script to maximise performance.
  • Get to act in front of the camera and act out actual scenes from World Famous Movies with other actors.
  • Have prime opportunities to act in one of our Film Productions in our Actors Hot List.

7 week Course PHONE BOOKINGS 1800 131166 

4 – 12 people Maximum  

All Monday Nights 6.30pm – 9.30pm
  • Session 1 – 2     July 21st, July 28th
  • Session 3 – 6  August 4th, 11th 18th 25th 
  • Session 7           September 1st 

week – 01 / July 21st/ MONDAY, 6:30pm to 9:30pm

What are the areas that make this course pinpointed to Screen Acting as opposed to other acting courses

  • The core principals of Screen Acting –
  • Internalising Camera Choreograhphy Physcial Continuity
  • Being in the Present and listening
  • Hand out comedy script from famous Movie

week – 02 / July 28th  / MONDAY, 6:30pm to 9:30pm

  • Very simple sitting scene.
  • How to break down a script and analyse for performance
  • Subtext, Beats and Objectives
  • How to start varying performance without varying physical continuity
  • Hand out script for Week 3 ( Dramatic Script including some simple movement in the space by at least 1 character)

week – 03 / August 4th / MONDAY, 6:30pm to 9:30pm

  • Simple blocking scene using Dramatic script
  • How does blocking inform the subtext and beat structure of the scene?
  • How to accurately hit marks without looking for them
  • How to walk and talk in a way that will work for the editor
  • Hand out script for Week 4 (include at least 1 character performing a physical task i.e.: making a cup of tea)

week – 04 / August 11th/ MONDAY, 6:30pm to 9:30pm

The Film Course Participants will now film your scenes using professional Camera and Sound and Lights equipment. This is where you will learn how to act for the camera and get the very best screen performence.

  • How a camera works and what this means for the actor (i.e.: lens types, camera movement etc.)
  • What are the conventions of coverage and what restrictions does this place on the actor
  • How can the actor make the camera crews life easier.
  • How to “tell” the focus puller to be ready for your movement.
  • Introduction to physical business and how to maintain continuity across multiple set-ups.
  • What to do when things go wrong.
  • Hand out script for Week 5 (including both business and movement for at least 1 character)

week – 05 / August 18th  / MONDAY, 6:30pm to 9:30pm

  • Introduction to lighting (i.e.: basic 3 point lighting – what the various lights do etc.)
  • What are the story attributes of various lighting styles (i.e.: what does it tell us about the characters, the scene etc.)
  • How to use the lights to your best advantage
  • How to look after your fellow performers (i.e.: staying out of their light, what to do if you have strayed into it)
  • How to accommodate the technical parameters imposed on the performer within the choices that are appropriate to their character.
  • Hand out script for Week 6

week – 06 / August25th / MONDAY, 6:30pm to 9:30pm

  •  How does having more than 2 characters affect camera coverage
  • What are the implications on beat structure and subtext of having more than 2 characters
  • How to come up with blocking that is appropriate to the scene and provides good coverage opportunities.
  • How to deal with overlapping dialogue in a way that is usable by the editor
  • Hand out script for Week 7 (various combinations of earlier suggestions based on identified areas of weakness for the individual participants)
  • Hand out script for Week 7

week – 07 / September 1st / MONDAY, 6:30pm to 9:30pm

  • What are the protocols of working on a film set
  • What are the responsibilities and rights of actors on a film set (particularly focussing on violence, weapons and sex)
  • Review the areas of discussion raised in the previous classes and expand on them as indicated by the participants

All classes will take this form:

  • 6.30pm – 7.40 pm Lecture/discussion with examples during the first part of the class, 10 minute break.
  • 7.50pm – 9.30pm practical workshop during which the script handed out during the previous week will be performed on Week 2 – 3.
  • On Week 4 – 7 all screen Acting performances will be filmed.
  • It is envisioned that once filming commences in Week 4, the footage will be assembled in a rough edit so that the result can be displayed the following week and feedback given (this will depend on class size and time as to whether all or selected scenes are reviewed)



Course Location:  Independent Film Centre  1 Villiers Street Parramatta 

Limited Numbers 4 – 12 people Maximum

Pay $345 Now Balance $350 on first night of the film School Course Fee $695 Click Here To book



The Course Instructor

Dominic McDonald has been a professional actor since 1987, since when he has appeared in nearly a dozen Feature Films, over a hundred hours of Network Television, more than thirty professional Theatre Productions, several TVC’s and numerous award winning Short Films.

He has worked with some of Australia’s best known performers; Ben Mendelsohn, Radha Mitchell, Guy Pierce, Asher Keddie, Vince Collosimo and John Jarratt and some of Australia’s most talented directors; Charles “Bud” Tingwell, Peter Andrikidis and Dean Francis to name just a few. Dominic has also had a great deal of experience behind the camera, working as a 1st AD, Directors Assistant, Script Supervisor, Focus Puller, Grip, Set Dresser and Costume Maker on productions ranging from Jackie Chan’s Mr. Nice Guy to So You Think You Can Dance.

Additionally, Dominic has produced two Feature Films, the latest of which, Drown, is expected to première at the Venice Film Festival later this year, and is in pre-production on his third, a $2.5m thriller which is expected to go in to production around the New Year.

This diverse range of experience has given him a unique perspective on the craft of Screen Acting . Most importantly, Dominic  can help you to be a  professional actor, which will mean that you can do better work faster with less stress and that will make you a Producers darling.

Dominic can help you with will give you an edge that most other actors do not have in their early career.”

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