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Podcast 04 – LA based Executive Jason Brubaker – Getting your film distributed to a world wide audience.

LA based Film Distribution Executive Jason Brubaker tells you how to get your film distributed and seen by the biggest possible audience.   Player at end of page Jason articulates the very best process to attract the biggest possible audience. He … Continue reading

Podcast 03 – Working as a Crew member on Hollywood Blockbuster movies and how you can break in.

Leroy Page:  How to Break into the Big End Film Productions as a Crew member rand how to behave on big film sets with movies stars.  Player at end of page I have a great podcast this month with Leroy … Continue reading

Podcast 02 – The Process of Editing

It is Colm O’Murchu your host for Filmmaking 101 with Podcast 2. This week it is just me on my own. Currently I am editing Tabernacle 101 our new one hour 45 minute movie that will be on worldwide release in … Continue reading

Podcast 02 – The Process of Editing

It is Colm O’Murchu your host for Filmmaking 101 with Podcast 2. This week it is just me on my own. Currently I am editing Tabernacle 101 our new one hour 45 minute movie that will be on worldwide release in … Continue reading

Podcast Number 1 – Find out how Filmmaker Jon Cohan made his movie Ravenswood and found his audience.

Today is a very exciting day for me. This is my first of many future podcasts. In future  podcasts, you will hear from experienced filmmakers. You will hear how they made their movies and found their audience. This podcast will help … Continue reading

20th Anniversary of Australian Film Base – plus my top 8 hot tips for the indie Filmmaker

Today is a retro post with my 8 top tips for the Indie Filmmaker at the end of this post. It is now 20 years since we first started our production company Sydney Film Base. At the time we shot … Continue reading

20th Anniversary of Australian Film Base – plus my top 8 hot tips for the indie Filmmaker

Today is a retro post with my 8 top tips for the Indie Filmmaker at the end of this post. It is now 20 years since we first started our production company Sydney Film Base. At the time we shot … Continue reading

Editing, one of the most important filmmaking skills

At this moment,  I am editing Tabernacle 101, our 110 minute supernatural thriller movie. I am up at 5am every morning and edit to about 11am and in that time I edit about 1 – 2 scenes per day. There … Continue reading

Transmission and their massive success with the movie “Lion”

Transmission, an Australian Film Distributor, has had massive success in the cinema domestically with the release of Lion. Now grossing over $25 million Box Office in Australia, it will be one of the top 5 all time Australian Films at … Continue reading

Joel Perlman from Village Roadshow gives a full report on Current Distribution for Movies in the Australia

Roadshow Films has been responsible for releasing box office epics The Hunger Games, The Hobbit, American Sniper, Red Dog, Paper Planes, and six-time Academy Award winning film and monster box office hit, Mad Max: Fury Road.  I attended a Screen Producers … Continue reading

Tip 10 – A Director perfects his or her postproduction.

Postproduction is a detailed process and the more detail and quality that is put into the post process, the better the film will be. In the last tip we focused on picture cut which is a very important and major … Continue reading

Tip 9 A Director Post Produces

A Director needs to make their very best effort in the season of Post Production. Postproduction on your film is broken down into the following areas. The Picture Edit. Colouring VFX Titles Sound Design Music Sound Mix Deliverables The Picture … Continue reading

Tip 8 – A Director works with his or her actors

Working with Actors is one of the top Directing Skills. Actors play the characters who the audience relates with. The better the performance and the star quality, the more relatable the actors are to the audience. Performance: This is a … Continue reading

Tip 7 – The Shoot – A Director shoots

The shoot is the most intense part of the filmmaking process. A Director should  be prepared to get asked about 1000 questions on each shooting day. This can be stressful as you are supposed to have the answers instantly for … Continue reading

Tip 6 – A Director Prepares

A Film Director needs to prepare diligently for a film shoot.  The areas that a Film Director is involved in, during preproduction is as follows. Casting and Rehearsals with Actors Meetings with the Production Designer ref the design or enhancement … Continue reading

Tip 5 Find the Best Crew Size for your production.

Tip 5:  Find the Best Crew Size for your production.  The best Crew size varies from production to production. I have shot a micro budget short films with 7 Crew and I have directed a weekend feature film with 15 Crew. I … Continue reading 2016-10-04 14:49:36

Tip 1 –   A Film Director must Prepare Prepare Prepare.  Film Directing is divided into four distinct seasons. PreProduction The Shoot Post Production Film Festivals and Screenings Today, lets focus on Preproduction. Having personally worked on hundreds of film … Continue reading

Tip 2 To Direct Like a Pro – Cast like a Pro.

Tip 2 To Direct Like a Pro –  Cast like a Pro.  When we teach on our Film Courses, we always have a full night of casting as one of the sessions. There is a very good reason for this.I have seen … Continue reading

Film Directing Tip 4 _ Build Your Network

Tip 4 Network – Surround Yourself with the Best Team  Networking is one of the most important Film Maker Skills. There are two types of networking. Networking to meet financiers distributors and people who are in powerful positions and can help your … Continue reading

Tip 3 – Every shooting Day, Prepare a Shot List

It amazes me if a Film Director chooses to wing it on Shooting Day. That means do minimal preparation and turn up on Shooting day with no shot list. A Feature Film in Australia takes on average 6 – 8 … Continue reading

Success Stories – Nay Htat

Former Sydney Film Base’s students success and achievements stories.   NAY HTAT   Nay Htat completed the 3 months film making and directing course, and got to take all of his scripts from the drawers and brought them to the big screens. Nay’s films and commitment with his craft along with his new sharpened skills […]

Success Stories – Dan Jones

Former Sydney Film Base’s students success and achievements stories.   DAN JONES   Dan Jones completed the 3 months film making and directing course at Sydney Film Base. After completing the course, Dan wrote, produced and directed “Shrove Tuesday”, an epic dark comedy that attracted some of Australia’s hottest cast and crew; and had his […]

Three Tips for finding the Best Locations

  Locations, and finding them for a film, is one of the easiest parts of preparing a film production . There are three different ways to find location Pay a Location Scout to go out and source your locations Via word of … Continue reading

Casting – The Core of Your Film

If the Screenplay is the blueprint for your film, casting is the core.  Audiences are drawn into high quality stories; however, they connect with the film via your cast.  This is an area tech savvy film-makers often blow. You will … Continue reading

Screenplay and Formatting Properly

How to write a professional Screenplay.  Part 2: Checklist before you start to write your screenplay.  You have totally worked out your story, step by step. You have all the main dramatic scenes checked The Story has being checked and double … Continue reading

How to Make your Film Professional

I would like to go into detail about making, directing and producing  a professional film. There are 12 steps that one needs to pay particular attention to when creating a professional film.  If any one of them is deficient the … Continue reading

MovieRaves Two Films that I very much enjoyed in the cinema

The last Melbourne 4 Month Film Course of 2014  starts today Tuesday August 26th 2014  and the final  Sydney Film Course of 2014 starts soon on Thursday October 2nd 2014.  We do have a social event for film networkers and … Continue reading

Three ways to produce a great edit and make your film work.

I am writing about editing a film today because it is close to my heart.  I feel so many times a film is made or broken in the edit.  In my personal opinion, it is the most challenging and difficult … Continue reading

Five Great reasons to visit Myanmar (Burma), a travel experience with a difference.

It’s two weeks since my last post and Valeska and  I have finally arrived back from Myanmar (Burma).  I thought that this week, I would write about the experience of travel and the fun of going to a country that … Continue reading

Greetings from Burma – 5 Attributes you must have if you want millions of people to see your work.

I am out of town this week.  Yes, I am currently on a bus travelling between Yangoon and Bagan in Burma (Myanmar). As always, I have my camera shooting as much as I can of what I see on the … Continue reading

How to Produce Stellar Actor Performances – 4 Areas that the Film Director needs to Focus On

To people in the know, film making is a Director and Editor’s Medium.  What is meant by this statement, is that the screen actor who acts in the film is only one of many contributors to the whole process.  However, … Continue reading

Three Big Cock-Ups when creating an awesome Shot List for your Film.

A shot list is a list of shots that are used to cover a scene. An experienced Film Director will always want to get the best and maximum coverage of shots necessary to tell the story of that scene. Often … Continue reading

Three Hot Tips to improve Screen Acting Performances

Screen Acting:   Today I would like to talk about the craft of screen acting.  Screen Acting is a wonderful way to make a living.  There are many actors who train via acting schools who teach many different techniques.  However, so … Continue reading

5 Ways to make your film/video look and sound professional

Times have changed and today there are three types of Film Makers/Video Makers in the independent Film World: The Traditional Crew/ Director – Films made this way generally have reasonable budgets that can pay for the expense of a large … Continue reading

Indie Film Centre is launched in Sydney Australia-

Dear Reader It is great pleasure that I announce a major new departure in what we do at Sydney Film Base and International Film Base. Indie Film Centre is HERE: For the Rebel who thinks differently For the Person who … Continue reading

Yes we Can – Making your film happen now

Making your film happen is more a state of mind than circumstances aligning. Whether it is a $2.2 million film or a micro budget film, the principal is still the same. Make a film happen by setting deadlines for each part of … Continue reading

How did Tarantino make it to the top in Hollywood? Lessons you can learn from his experience

Quentin Tarantino is one of the most famous writer/directors. But he was a low achiever at school and found academic studies very difficult. He had a troubled childhood. How did Quentin go from being a sales assistant in a video shop … Continue reading

Film Rave – Dallas Buyers Club – 10 out 10

Today, I saw “Dallas Buyers Club” and yes  I have to rave about this film.  I have seen all  of the Oscar Films now and in my opinion Matthew McConaughey’s performance deserves the Oscar. The film is hard work at times … Continue reading

Six all important Areas an experienced Film Director focuses on

Film Directing is such an important part of the film making process. Often, beginner or ineffective film directors destroy a really strong film script.  The effective Film Director should be the guardian of the story.  Strong Directors have a vision … Continue reading

5 Ways for the Film Director to Prepare for the Film Shoot

Film Shoots are always the fun part of Film Production.  I have been on so many film sets over the years and to this day I find that people find the shoot the most intense and enjoyable part of the … Continue reading

Philip Seymour Hoffman – What a loss to the film world

I woke up this morning and heard the very sad news that one of America’s best actors Philip Seymour Hoffman had died of an apparent drug overdose.  This is such a loss to the acting world and the film world … Continue reading

Film Rave Wolf of Wall Street – Scorsese back to his best

Happy new month and we are looking forward to a great February at International Film Base with our 4 Month Film Course starting in Melbourne  Last nights  I saw The Wolf of Wall Street. This  is a Film about Excess. … Continue reading

Indie Film Budgets – The Reality of the Film Market

Raising money for films really comes down to a Value Proposition for people who invest in your film. The most difficult process is raising money for films. The easiest money raised is the contribution or favour or when you own … Continue reading

Film Raves – Saving Mr Banks and Philomena

I always love this time of year. There are so many wonderful movies at the cinema. Finally over the weekend I managed to see two of the very best. As always, I am mot a Film Critic. I am a … Continue reading

Location Location – How to find the best locations for your shoot?

Its the 12th of January and I finally have time to write my first blog of 2014, “Finding the best Locations.”  I have spent the first 12 days of 2014 seeking and confirming locations in Outback Australia. In all, we … Continue reading

Happy New Year – 2014 Hot film opportunities

Happy New Year –  2014 is here and here are some hot film opportunities I am writing on the last day of 2013. What a year for Film and what a year of travel for me personally. I personally enjoyed … Continue reading

Looking forward to 2014

Dear Reader  This is a very quick note to wish you a happy Christmas and a wonderful indie film year in 2014. Over the last few months, I have travelled to Ireland and the USA. I have wrapped up an estate … Continue reading

Shooting a Feature Film on the weekend – Making your dream feature film now.

Today, I would like to talk about the holy grail of Film Making, The Feature Film. Some of you may feel like the Feature Film Production is an impossible task, only for the lucky determined few who can navigate the … Continue reading

Film Festivals and how they can rocket your film career.

When you complete your short film or indie feature film, its a great idea to enter multiple film festivals with your film There are some very compelling reasons to do so. Film Festival success helps your CV and your recognition … Continue reading

29 Days to Screenplay Heaven.

Its taken 29 days exactly to complete the first draft of  ’Absolute Freedom’.  In the hope of helping you with your own projects, I would like to share my own experience writing the screenplay. Before ‘Absolute Freedom’, I have written … Continue reading

Should I hire a professional DOP or shoot from the hip?

Should I shoot my own film or hire an experienced DOP (Cinematographer)?  This is a question that I am asked by my clients on a regular basis.  So here is my take on this all important question. I believe that … Continue reading

Screenplay Report Week one

Screenplay Update on Absolute Freedom – Week 1 of a 5 Week writing Process. Once again I am sharing my experiences in creating the 110 minute feature film, ‘Absolute Freedom’.  I am not saying that my writing process is for … Continue reading

Now You See Me – Very enjoyable Film

Now you see me.  – Film Rave My Score 8 out of 10 –   Critics 5 out of 10 –   Average Audience 7 out of 10. Many Critics did not like this film. Audiences responded much better as … Continue reading

Financing Feature Films

It has been a big decision to make. The decision is this. Do I share all our confidental information about the financing of our film, ‘Absolute Freedom’? Do I publish to the world exactly how we are going about making … Continue reading

Story Creation first- Writing the Screenplay second. This is what we are doing on Absolute Freedom

One of the main reasons I have decided to keep a regular blog is to highlight the process of creating our next feature film, Absolute Freedom. I want to include what works for the film production. I also want to include what … Continue reading

Indie Film Making Passion Blog launched on Monday August 5th 2013

ColmO’Murchu.Com  launches as an official blog today,Monday, August 5th.   For some years, I have regularly written to people interested in my film courses and I have found that I have enjoyed the process immensely. Finally, I am expanding and creating a … Continue reading

10 out of 10 The Intouchables

I am only one week away from the launch of my blog, Indie Film Making Passion on August 1st.  One of the sections in my new blog is Best Movies 2013. These are my favourite movies of the year. I … Continue reading

Absolute Freedom – An Opportunity now to be an Associate Producer on a Feature Film.

It gives me great pleasure to announce an amazing new opportunity. We are currently seeking Associate Producers to partner with us in making our next Feature Film, Absolute Freedom.  This is an awesome opportunity for the very smart emerging film … Continue reading

Casting – How many actors should you see?

Casting is one of the most important directorial duties. Even experienced directors sometimes rush casting and make bad choices which then destroy the film. When we teach casting at the 4 Month Film School, I notice that nearly all my students … Continue reading

Future Directions at International Film Base

Today, I have placed two short films on the blog. They belong to the 4 Month Film School in Sydney and Melbourne. On Saturday, June 1st, I will be Film Instructor on my last Sydney 4 Month Film School. The … Continue reading

What is Continuity? Why it is so important when making films.

Special Note: Blog is written by Colm O’Murchu owner of Sydney Film Base.  I am sitting up here in Palm Beach about 40 kms north of Sydney. I am watching the sunset over Kuringai National Park reflecting on a few different shoots that have happened recently on the Four Month Film School.  One of the […]

What is Continuity? Why it is so important when making films.

I am sitting up here in Palm Beach about 40 kms north of Sydney. I am watching the sunset over Kuringai National Park reflecting on a few different shoots that have happened recently on the Four Month Film School.  One … Continue reading

How to Finance your Film Project

  This weekend has been a glorious weekend in Sydney. The weather has been unseasonably warm at 27C and the water in the ocean is at an incredible 24.5C. We are nearly at our short three month winter in Sydney. … Continue reading

8 Reasons to Enroll on a High Quality Film Course

Do you want to be a Film Director? Here are five reasons to enroll on a high quality Film School 1 You learn how to make films professionally. Many people try to do it all on their own and they end up making the same amateur mistakes. These mistakes tend to make their film efforts look […]

Three top Tips for Casting

Casting is one of the most important parts of indie film making. The reason I am writing this article is that we had a successful casting last week in Melbourne for a film called “Blessed”. The film is about a … Continue reading

Three Critical Areas for your Film Production

Many people who enrol on our film courses are very camera centric and focused on beautiful images. I know that this is an issue, because I once suffered from this ailment.  Before film making, I used to make a living … Continue reading

Indie Film – What we can learn off Alfred Hitchcock.

On Saturday Night I saw the film “Hitchcock”.   I learnt a few things about the making of Psycho which of course became Alfred Hitchcock’s most successful film.  Yes Psycho was made rather like an indie film is made today. At … Continue reading

One Action you need to take if you want to write great screenplays.

Sometimes I hear certain script gurus say. “If you have a great screenplay, you have a great film. Just point a camera now and the rest is easy” For those of us who actually make films, we know this axiom … Continue reading

Do you wan to be a Professional Film Maker?

Post: Do you want to be  Professional Film Maker?  I have to say I love Singapore. We spent three days there about a week ago after my round the world trip from LA to  Ireland and Spain. ( Love Barcelona.) After a 12 hour flight, there is nothing better than the warm tropical air of […]

Hot Talent Club is launched – Creating the Film Maker Stars of tomorrow

Post: Creating the Film Director Stars of Tomorrow- Hot Talent Club is launched At SydneyFilm Base,  we regularly are sent job opportunities and film production requests that we can not take on. It has been a frustration seeing these opportunities going to waste.   We are also involved in many of our own feature film productions and […]

The Camera Basics

Learning how to shoot films professionally. I was working on one of the Four Month Film School Films on Saturday. Besides the fun that we have shooting the film, one of our goals is that people come into our film course and learn how to make films professionally. So before the film shoot, we train […]

The Film Editor- the true star of any Film Production

POST: The Film Editor is the true star of any Film Production Today, I want to focus on The Film Editor. This morning I read all about the Oscars.  Kirk Baxter, an Australian, has just won back to back Oscars. Kirk won last night for the film ” The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo. * […]

I am very excited about this Saturday.

Yes it is only a few  days now and we will have the creme of  the Australian Film Business at our Saturday A Lister’s Seminar. So what am I looking forward to: I am looking forward to hearing about  the making of  “The Eye of the Storm”.  Greg Reid bought the rights to the book […]

5 ways to make your film shoot work effectively

Film Shoots are always the fun part of Film Production.  Most people on our Film Courses love the Film Shoot and find it to be the biggest learning curve. The Film Course Participant learns more on the Film Shoots than any other part of our Film Course  The reason for this is  team work.   A […]

Driving into the Australian Outback in mid summer can be inspiring.

 Post:  Driving in the Outback can be inspiring. Valeska and I took off for about ten days and went to outback NSW and rambled from town to town, going with the flow and only moving when we felt like it. We did not see a drop of rain and loved  the constant blue skies. Before […]

5 Reasons I love the AFM

 I attended the AFM for the third time in November. I always find the AFM an inspiring event. The AFM stands for the American Film Market. It is where films are bought and sold by Sales Agents and Distributors from around the world. For example, Ron Howard visited selling his Formulae One film, RUSH.  The […]

Making a Living from Making Films

Its very warm in Sydney today. It is supposed to be mid winter but the temperature is currently 25C.(75F). I am writing this post sitting on the beach at Dee Why and it’s just beautiful. Next week I am off to Qatar, Paris, Dublin and  London where I present my Weekend Film School for the first […]

Five reasons to enroll on a high quality Film Courses.

Here are five reasons to enroll on a high quality Film Courses. 1 You learn how to make films professionally. Many people try to do it all on their own and they end up making the same amateur mistakes. These mistakes tend to make their film efforts look amateur. I see it time and time […]

Duncan Thompson shows you how to write the award winning screenplay

I have been away in Singapore and Bali (Photos enclosed)  for 8 Days and now have retuned to some bitterly cold days in Sydney. Yesterday I headed to the warmth of the Cinema. Every time, I see a film that I think is exceptionally powerful, I like to mention it. Yesterday, I saw a Danish film […]

Why you should always have a Casting for your film?

Casting is one of the keys to producing a really good film.  If you run an effective casting, you will put yourself ahead of the competition dramatically.  An Amateur film is always obvious. The big give away  is actors who can not act. So therefore it is imperative that you organize a successful casting. This […]

Four Tips for finding Locations for free

Location Location I am very much looking forward to presenting the Weekend Film School in Sydney on  this Saturday and Sunday May 21st, 22nd. One of my favourite parts of the Weekend Film School is how we get people to meet each other and network.  On Sunday Afternoon, we launch film projects that then get […]

Financing your film

Financing your film: Every film needs finance of some form. Even the most basic short film needs finance. Finance pays for the Cast Crew Equipment postproduction music creature comforts and locations. Films cost money. However you can be very clever with how you make your film happen. I personally have made three many films where […]

16 Steps to make your film happen now

Today I want to talk about the first of sixteen steps in making your film. Step One is Screenplay. Screenplay is the foundation of any great film. However it is very important to prepare before writing a screenplay whether it is  a short film or a feature film. There are several areas one needs to […]

The Director on set

I know it has been a while since I last wrote to you. Life has been busy and the first month of the year  has just slipped away. My highlight of the month was my trip to New Zealand and the Auckland Weekend Film School. I also visited the South Island and paid a visit […]

Morning Glory Review

Its taken me till January 21st for me to see my first film of the year. For someone who researches and loves to see movies,  that is a huge amount of time without seeing a movie on the big screen. Due to trips to the Snowy Mountains in NSW and to New Zealand, I have not […]

The Sydney Three Month Film School Starts January 29th

Yes it is the New Year and I believe this is always a great time to get involved in Film Making Firstly The Makeover, a film that I wrote directed produced edited on a miniscule budget is now ready for Release into the World. The Australian, New Zealand Release is in April 2011. The Makeover […]

Colm O’Murchu’s Top Ten Films of 2010

My Top 10 Films of 2010: Today is December 29th and it is now time to list my Top 10 Films of the year. I love going to the cinema where I believe one gets the true cinematic experience. I avoid watching films at home unless I have missed them in the cinema. I make […]

  How long should one take to produce a Film? 

This question is somewhat akin to asking, “How long is a piece of string.” However, it really is important to have time structures to work your film production around. A predicted time schedule helps the Film Maker make the film happen. When you are starting out in the film making game, it is very important […]

Strong Mindset is exceptionally important in the film business.

Strong Mindset is exceptionally important in the film business. Why is that? Well when you start out in the film world, it can seem like Mount Everest is in front of you. It seems like you will never get to the summit and this can lead talented people to give up. I think the mountain […]

What’s the best Camera to use on your film shoot?

It is very difficult to work out exactly what one needs and what one should pay for their equipment. What to buy and where to buy your camera?
Should one rent the gear? Knowledge can save you thousands of Dollar

Why I loved the weather this week.

One thing I would like to talk about is the weather this week. Yes I got rained out on the weekend but that is not the reason.  I have just completed a three day shoot which now concludes the extra shooting on A Day in the Life. Every day we got  exactly the weather we needed. […]

How critical is Film And DVD Distribution

Upcoming Event at Australian Film Base    Do not miss out. Weekend Film School     Great for anyone who wants to make  Short Films, Documentaries, Feature Films   November 28th 29th What is your best strategy for making it in the film world?  Having a business strategy. Movie Distribution  Australia November 2009. A friend […]

How critical is Post Production?

Colm O’Murchu  Director Coming up at Australian Film Base 2009 The Weekend Film School    Sydney ( 2 days ) November 28th , 29th  2009 How to make a feature film on no money Final Practical Directors Course Adelaide ( One Week)   October 6th —  11th  2009 You actually make a short film in […]

I saw Quentin Tarantino’s new Film Inglorious Bastards at the Sydney Premiere last night

Yes it is a very good film. Very well made with all of the Tarantino trademarks. Quentin arrived to a raucous cheer at the Sydney Premiere of “Inglorious Bastards”  and went up to the stage to introduce the film. He made a fun entertaining speech where  he claimed that he came up with the title Ozploitation Films […]

The Make Over Film

The new film, The Make Over is going to be having an exclusive preview screening on the 29th July 2009. Don’t miss out! About The Film: Rodger Keaton – Socially inept, clincially frigid, computer nerd, single white male. With such an exceptional study in social limitations, Particia Bartlett – Award winninghard nosedjournalist at its most […]

Welcome To Our New Website

We have just recently launched our new websites at: Australian Film Base International Film Base Sydney Film Base Please feel free to check them out. Colm.