June, 2011
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Five reasons to enroll on a high quality Film Courses.

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Here are five reasons to enroll on a high quality Film Courses.

1 You learn how to make films professionally.

Many people try to do it all on their own and they end up making the same amateur mistakes. These mistakes tend to make their film efforts look amateur. I see it time and time again. Film Makers who make film after film and wonder why they are never getting into A List film festivals or getting a great reaction from their audience. Without the correct instruction, this film maker can end up permanently grounded.

The main problem areas are

  • Sound
  • Poor Acting
  • Shot narrative
  • Post Production

2  The second reason to enroll on a Film Course is the networking. You meet like minded people and

Filming on set

Filming on set

this will accelerate your progress dramatically. There is nothing like meeting people with a similar passion. Many people on our courses end up collaborating on film projects after the course. One person ends up as the producer while the other is the Director and another person ends up writing the film. These people create a core film production entity. There is so much power in these combinations.

I remember when I was in Film School years ago, three of us got together and in record time we had a $25,000 budget and  a 20 minute short film produced. Back then,  it was hard to raise the budgets needed to make films. You had to shoot on Super 16 mm film stock and edit on steenbacks using film print. You had to hire a negative matcher who cut your negative using your edit decisions from your work print. All in all it was an expensive process back in 1992.

Somehow within six months we had made a film with a very big cast. There was a Grip and Gaffer Crew and as a young film maker, I thought all my Christmases had come at once. We had Cranes and Tracks and basically all the frills of a big budget film shoot. and this was all as a result of two other people I met on a Film Course.

Today,  the Camera Lights and Sound and Grips Equipment has come very inexpensive.  Today everything has changed.

3  Knowlege of what Film Equipment you need.

This is the third reason you need to attend a Film Course. You need to know what equipment to use. You need to know what the best lowest priced equipment you need for your film shoots after the Film Course ends. This part saves you thousands of dollars.

You need to know what the best Camera is to use on your shoot. You need to know the best sound equipment to obtain. You need to know the best lighting combinations.  There is a lot to learn but it can be learned very quickly on a high quality film course.

When you attend a course like ours, you learn all about the best equipment to use and whether you should buy or rent after the Film Course.

4 Training

This is one of the most important reasons to attend a film course. You learn how to make a film using our FIlm Equipment.

You learn how to

  • operate a Film Camera
  • create a Shot list
  • how to direct actors
  • how to get the best location sound
  • how to light a set effectively.
  • and much more

On a really good film course like ours, you learn how to make a film by actually shooting a real film. You get to do all the crew roles and get some experience in all the areas. This ultimately makes you a better producer or director or writer.

5 The Accelerator.

A really good film school accelerates your film career dramatically. You learn how to make a film ten times faster meaning that over a six month period  you gain years on the competition and put yourself years ahead of the people who are trying to do it all on their own.

6 Great Times

I always remember my Film School years fondly. When you were learning how to make films, you are finally living with your passion and moving towards your dreams. Many times we hear from our film students about how profoundly their year has changed. They tell me how many times their lives are transformed by doing something worthwhile and how it is wonderful to live life actively involved in their passion.

7 Mentorship.

When you get involved with professional film makers, many times they will help you and act as a mentor. If you are a talented emerging film maker, your talent will shine and the organizers of the film course will take notice and want to help you.

8 The In Club and Work

When you have successfully completed our film courses, you will be invited to join our In Film Club. Here you will hear of job opportunities and film projects. Here you will also hear of DOPs and other crew and actors that you will need to make your film happen.

So for these 8 reasons, it is a really a great idea to enroll on our top quality Film Course

Once again check the list of Film Courses we have at Australian  Film Base at the moment.

Till next week have a great one

Colm O’Murchu

Director International Film Base

Duncan Thompson shows you how to write the award winning screenplay

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Colm O’Murchu – Singapore

I have been away in Singapore and Bali (Photos enclosed)  for 8 Days and now have retuned to some bitterly cold days in Sydney. Yesterday I headed to the warmth of the Cinema.
Every time, I see a film that I think is exceptionally powerful, I like to mention it. Yesterday, I saw a Danish film called “The Hunt”. I have to say it is one of the outstanding films of 2013. It once again demonstrates the importance of a well written screenplay.

If you are interested in learning more about producing award winning screenplays, Duncan Thompson, the script editor* of the award winning and Oscar nominated “Animal Kingdom” will be presenting a special screenwriting bootcamp on Saturday July 13th at our very own Australian FIlm Base.

Duncan has script edited over $50 million of produced feature films including Animal Kingdom, Black Balloon, Somersault and Japanese Story

What’s on July 2013 
Animal Kingdom Script Editor
Saturday 13th July
Crows Nest

Each of the above films secured the highest number of nominations for their year in major Australian award ceremonies and of course Jackie Waever was nominated for Animal Kingdom. Of the films Duncan has script edited, eight have received AFI (AACTA) nominations for Best Screenplay, with six of those winning. Six have received AFI (AACTA) nominations for Best Film and four have actually won Best Film

Duncan Thompson

Duncan Thompson recored speaks for itself. He is one of the best Script Editors in Australia.

What you will learn on Saturday 6th June:  

A unique and effective approach to:

  • Writing movie dialogue,
  • Creating story design
  • Working on subplot
  • Architecture, writing scenes, narrative privilege (voice over, flashback, convoluted

structures), narrative audacity, cinematic subtext, emotional structure, lyricism, three
act structure (story structure, dramatic structure, thematic structure, narrative
structure), character journey, audience journey, writing for series and episodic TV,
pitching film and TV projects, writing for comedy, project development.

This is an absolute must for the Producer or Director or Aspiring or Established Writer.

Bali (last week)

If you book by this Friday 21st June,  the course is only $100 a saving of $37.

All details on our site on the following link  Duncan Thompson Screenplay Bootcamp

* Script Editors are known as Script Doctors in the USA