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How critical is Film And DVD Distribution

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What is your best strategy for making it in the film world?  Having a business strategy.
Movie Distribution  Australia November 2009.

A friend of mine works for Village Roadshow. I met him last night to talk all about Movie sales in the Film DVD Market. At this time, there is huge supply of movies in the marketplace. He handed me the REM (Retail Entertainment Monthly) guide. This guide lists all the new releases that are scheduled for each month. It made for fascinating reading.

As most people know there are about 20 – 25 releases into the cinema every week. That is about five per week and about 300 per year. However there are thousands more films released straight to DVD. Here are some of the companies and their scheduled releases.

November Releases

Anchor Bay Entertainment 10 Releases
Beyond Home Entertainment 20 Releases
Duke Home Entertainment 9 Releases
DV1 29 Releases
Eagle Entertainment 7 Releases
Gryphon Entertainment 9 Releases
Icon 4 Releases
Madman Entertainment 59 Releases
Magna Home Entertainment 14 Releases
Paramount Home Entertainment 18 Releases
Roadshow Entertainment 122 Releases
Reel DVD 7 Releases
Shock DVD 57 Releases
Sony Pictures 16 Releases
20th Century Fox 24 Releases
Universal Pictures 19 Releases
Visual Entertainment Group 11 Releases
Walt Disney Studios 21 Releases
Warner Home Video 15 Releases

Total Releases 471 Releases for the month November 2009

The above are the list of all the main players in the Film and  DVD Market in Australia.
They sell everything from Hollywood Blockbusters to old episodes of TV comedy. This is where money is made for the distributors and also the Film Maker.
Of course it all depends on the deal that the Distributor signs with the film maker.

Now it is a fact that none of them sell Short Films. Thousands of shorts films get made in Australia every year and not many people see them.
The main outlet is Film Festivals and sadly film festivals rarely if ever pay money to the film maker. It is a limited field and no chance of financial return.

My feeling totally is not to get stuck making short films. Use short films as a means to an end. Make them till you know how to make a 7 – 20 minute film comfortably and you know that you have made a really good short film.  Then move on to making feature films cheaply on the weekend.
A Feature film shot on the weekend is like making 8 Short films over a six – nine month period.

With Final Cut Studio you can post your own feature film cheaply, then enter film festivals and sell sell sell your film. If you make a film for under $50 k ,
you still have a chance at Theatrical cinema release. If this does not happen you can sell your film in the DVD market and
have a very good chance of making a profit on your film selling it all over the world. Always keep the rights to sell your film off your own website
because this is worth $10 – 15 every sale.  Of course with both my feature films for 2010, we are aiming for the maximum return on our feature films. If you our on our site check out our  promotional trailer for A Day in the Life.

Yes you can have fun making your film on the weekend and make a profit from your film productions.

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Have a great one

Colm O’Murchu is the owner of Australian Film Base and has recently directed and produced The Makeover a 97 minute feature film and  directed another Australian Feature Film called A Day in the Life, Trailer is on the website link that follows Click here to learn more about Colm O’Murchu and Australian Film Base

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