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Hi my name is Colm O’Murchu (photo to the left) I am the  director of  production company Sydney Film Base. We produce movies for the worldwide market

We also train and help you become a professional Film Maker or Film Director with the best film courses, week nights and weekends. In 3 months, you will be where you would have been doing it on your own for three years.


1.  Sydney Three Month Film Course
Thursday Night 15th June 2017 – Tuesday Night 19th September 2017
ECR , Parramatta NSW

2 Tabernacle 101 – 95 Minute Feature Film for World Wide Distribution 



Please see the Teaser for our new 100 minute feature film “Tabernacle 101” Shot on location in Sydney and the Blue Mountains

Podcast Number 1 – Find out how Filmmaker Jon Cohan made his movie Ravenswood and found his audience.

Today is a very exciting day for me. This is my first of many future podcasts. In future  podcasts, you will hear from experienced filmmakers. You will hear how they made their movies and found their audience. This podcast will help … Continue reading

20th Anniversary of Australian Film Base – plus my top 8 hot tips for the indie Filmmaker

Today is a retro post with my 8 top tips for the Indie Filmmaker at the end of this post. It is now 20 years since we first started our production company Sydney Film Base. At the time we shot … Continue reading

20th Anniversary of Australian Film Base – plus my top 8 hot tips for the indie Filmmaker

Today is a retro post with my 8 top tips for the Indie Filmmaker at the end of this post. It is now 20 years since we first started our production company Sydney Film Base. At the time we shot … Continue reading

Editing, one of the most important filmmaking skills

At this moment,  I am editing Tabernacle 101, our 110 minute supernatural thriller movie. I am up at 5am every morning and edit to about 11am and in that time I edit about 1 – 2 scenes per day. There … Continue reading

Transmission and their massive success with the movie “Lion”

Transmission, an Australian Film Distributor, has had massive success in the cinema domestically with the release of Lion. Now grossing over $25 million Box Office in Australia, it will be one of the top 5 all time Australian Films at … Continue reading

Joel Perlman from Village Roadshow gives a full report on Current Distribution for Movies in the Australia

Roadshow Films has been responsible for releasing box office epics The Hunger Games, The Hobbit, American Sniper, Red Dog, Paper Planes, and six-time Academy Award winning film and monster box office hit, Mad Max: Fury Road.  I attended a Screen Producers … Continue reading

Tip 10 – A Director perfects his or her postproduction.

Postproduction is a detailed process and the more detail and quality that is put into the post process, the better the film will be. In the last tip we focused on picture cut which is a very important and major … Continue reading

Tip 9 A Director Post Produces

A Director needs to make their very best effort in the season of Post Production. Postproduction on your film is broken down into the following areas. The Picture Edit. Colouring VFX Titles Sound Design Music Sound Mix Deliverables The Picture … Continue reading

Tip 8 – A Director works with his or her actors

Working with Actors is one of the top Directing Skills. Actors play the characters who the audience relates with. The better the performance and the star quality, the more relatable the actors are to the audience. Performance: This is a … Continue reading

Tip 7 – The Shoot – A Director shoots

The shoot is the most intense part of the filmmaking process. A Director should  be prepared to get asked about 1000 questions on each shooting day. This can be stressful as you are supposed to have the answers instantly for … Continue reading

Tip 6 – A Director Prepares

A Film Director needs to prepare diligently for a film shoot.  The areas that a Film Director is involved in, during preproduction is as follows. Casting and Rehearsals with Actors Meetings with the Production Designer ref the design or enhancement … Continue reading

Tip 5 Find the Best Crew Size for your production.

Tip 5:  Find the Best Crew Size for your production.  The best Crew size varies from production to production. I have shot a micro budget short films with 7 Crew and I have directed a weekend feature film with 15 Crew. I … Continue reading

 2016-10-04 14:49:36

Tip 1 –   A Film Director must Prepare Prepare Prepare.  Film Directing is divided into four distinct seasons. PreProduction The Shoot Post Production Film Festivals and Screenings Today, lets focus on Preproduction. Having personally worked on hundreds of film … Continue reading

Tip 2 To Direct Like a Pro – Cast like a Pro.

Tip 2 To Direct Like a Pro –  Cast like a Pro.  When we teach on our Film Courses, we always have a full night of casting as one of the sessions. There is a very good reason for this.I have seen … Continue reading

Film Directing Tip 4 _ Build Your Network

Tip 4 Network – Surround Yourself with the Best Team  Networking is one of the most important Film Maker Skills. There are two types of networking. Networking to meet financiers distributors and people who are in powerful positions and can help your … Continue reading

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Independent Film Club Social
  • Friday 2nd May 2017
  • Mingle and network with Film Makers
  • At the Independent Film Centre
  • Open to all
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Film Makers Coaching/Consultations
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